Radio 2 Limburg is Wednesday of the ground

a2495a6a716b2349596f79555d951cd7 - Radio 2 Limburg is Wednesday of the ground

On Wednesday, april 18, presents Daan Masset of the program “Your Day” broadcast from the air, floating with an air balloon. He gets assistance from the weather man Eric Goyvaerts, who are weerpaatje from the air will do, close to the source. About 6 in the morning, will the balloon take off and over the province of Limburg sail.

Radio from a floating hot air balloon is not self-evident. In such a basket, there is not much place and yet have a whole team and a lot of technical material up. Cables can, of course, not. And so is this “Start Your Day” from a balloon by a wireless technical feat. There will be sailed between the 100 and 300 meter height.

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