Radio 1 presenter says sorry for Dotanlied

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Presenter Jurgen van den Berg has located Monday morning in the Radio 1 News, except for a single Dotan, who in the script was. In the program was the number of the Tracks from the singer turned.

Jurgen van den Berg.

“The music list for today was already made”, led Van den Berg to the song. “So here it comes, the man who this weekend was quite the basket cases. He turns out to be behind all kinds of nepberichten about him on social media. The modest, sensitive singer shows a manipulative, a little sneue man, anyway.”

After the end of the plate modified the presenter himself. “The question is: do you have music than not running at all? Well, no, of course we should still do that, because the songs remain, of course, fantastic. Therefore, think you that man has not at all necessary?”

Fake accounts

The Volkskrant reported Saturday that for years on social media, fan mail about Dotan is posted by fake accounts. It went to 140 false profiles created on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to enhance the image of the singer to shine. There were stories invented about a terminal patient that Dotan would have helped.

Dotan has not yet responded to the news. Universal Music, the record company of the singer, will find it “very desirable” if the singer is going to respond to the revelations about the fake fans on social media to the sky in praise.

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