Rachel Hazes ’does say’ in soap André

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Rachel Hazes is shown in the second season of André Hazes: I take everything from life, the reallifesoap of her son. The fate of André, his family, friends and colleagues is from Wednesday evening, at 21.30 hours to be seen on SBS6.

“It would be a little crazy if they are not comes into the picture, she makes a part of my life,” says André against BuzzE. “She does, only not so much on tv to talk, so we have agreed that they one time say her part is doing it with me. And she just comes over, of course.”

André had been a difficult relationship with his mother. At the end of december he had via social media know that he is in the band with Rachel and worked. On a picture it was to see that Rachel had joined us for the christmas meal, in the shot put André the text ’reunited’. “I get the most out of life,” says Rachel are pleased with the reunion. About the fight and the why of the contactbreuk she has not.


Not only the presence of Rachel falls in to the second season of “I get the most out of life”, André junior, let the hearts of the viewers once again melt. “That small is always more fun to be” beams André. “He is no longer just a baby that is sleeping. He already walks and starts to talk.”

André thinks that his one and a half year old son, the later only, but it’s nice to find himself back in the reallifesoap. “Everyone finds themselves, yet cute at two-, three-year-old age?!” The singer and presenter hopes that his son later proud of him. “I work me the schompes for him, this way I can show him what daddy actually did and why he was so often away from home.”


André because of his work, also a lot of time with his son is missing, “is, of course, double.” “But what I’m doing, is also a form of father. If he is eighteen years of age, he does about certain things no longer have to worry. There has my father, who really never was, also made and I have planned to do the same.”

Despite a full agenda makes André time for its small. “If I am free, I will not go to the city, but to the house. And soon, we are going two weeks on vacation, how wonderful is that?! I think that he made me forgive.”

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