PSV-Ajax draws new kijkcijferrecord for Fox

Station Fox Sports has Sunday set a new record. To the championship swim meet PSV – Ajax looked at more than 1 million people. It is the first time that the transmitter of this border pass, reports Fox.

Players of PSV with the kampioensschaal on the field.

The old record stood in the name of the previous encounter between Ajax and PSV this season. That contest drew 989.000 viewers. Fox Sports does Monday, a live report of the ceremony of PSV.

The Eindhoven club won with 3-0 competitor Ajax, and was for the 24th time champion. Around 19 hours watched another 2.3 million people to Studio Sport Eredivisie (NPO 1).

The Grand Prix of China in the Formula 1 (Ziggo Sport) pulled 784.000 viewers. After the end of the race said Max Verstappen is that he is the race itself had messed up: the driver was fifth.

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