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OKEx follows Binance and also opens office in Malta

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Recently, the largest crypto exchange in the world Binance had announced plans to open an office in Malta. Yesterday OKEx announced that they also want to expand their business activities to the small block chain, friendly island.

As we already reported, will Binance open an office in Malta and in a timely manner, a “fiat-to-crypto exchange”. The means that crypto-currencies can be directly with Euro bought. This requires, however, before a closed Bank partnership.

Yesterday OKEx announced that it will open an Office on the small island of Malta, to the Expansion and growth of the stock exchange in the European area.

Chris Lee, CEO of OKEx that he is looking forward to working with the Maltese government and Malta as a focal point of the future of the Blockchain-industry (freely translated):

We look forward to working with the Maltese government to cooperate, because it is future-oriented and many of our values: the main of the protection of dealers and the Public, the observance of the principles of money laundering as well as the recognition of innovations and the outstanding importance of the continuous development of the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Malta’s Prime Minister, welcomed the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, a few weeks ago in person and stressed at the same time that Malta wants to establish itself as the leading EU member state, which can boast the best conditions for all businesses within the block chain sector. Rumor has it that 20 other crypto exchanges are thinking about to open an office in Malta to take advantage of the crypto-friendly conditions and laws. Last Bitfinex announced that they will open an office in Switzerland.

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