Nicolette Kluijver staying in Keukenhof

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Nicolette Kluijver is staying Monday as the first Dutchman ever in the Keukenhof. “This has to be my most unique overnight stay. It has never occurred that someone should sleep in the Keukenhof. Tonight is the here extinct. I am very curious,” says Nicolette.

The Expedition Robinson-presenter spend the night not in her own tent that looks like a huge bubble. She took her mother and oldest daughter Isabella Floortje (5) to surprise them. From the clear bubble she has with her guests a panoramic view over the tulip fields. Nicolette wait for a special night out, says Pepijn Rijvers of, the initiator of the action.

Previously offered the boekingsplatform a night in the highest bedroom of Europe, in the top of The Shard in London. Also, there were nights in the tour bus of artist Nick Jonas in Los Angeles, with a guest appearance of the singer himself. On 21, 21 and 22 april, enthusiasts can also spend a night in the Keukenhof. The pyjama party costs 69 euro, this amount stands as a symbol for the 69-year anniversary of the park.

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