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NEO rate increase of 40%; China to ICO’s: The rumor mill

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The NEO-exchange rate rose today within 24 hours by a whopping 40% in the meantime, on about 39 Euro per NEO-Token. On Twitter there were rumours that next Monday (20.11.2017) “huge” news will be published. The exact reason has not been announced yet, however, suggest some sources on pioneering innovations in China.

Very likely, the NEO-price prior to a price increase, if the suspected news to arrive actually. However, it should already be noted at this point that is conjecture, not confirmed officially.

On Twitter the news spread like a purgatory, which the rumor mill around NEO heated the price.

This Tweet comes from the 17.11.2017 and announced that it will be in 3 days, so on Monday the 20.11.2017, great news for NEO.

According to other blog posts and speculation that China is to allow well-prior to the decision to re-ICOs. The condition is that this must take place on the NEO-Blockchain.

Furthermore, there is a platform called NEX,which is based on the NEO-Blockchain and also with a Countdown, announcing Monday the 20.11.2017 a white paper. Whether this actually is a connection, we cannot confirm well-founded, so that these messages must first be as a rumor accepted. reported in an article from the 12.10.2017 that the platform NEX can soon carry out regulated ICOs on NEO, and.

Another big reveal was that the NEX token sale will be the first to use the token sale of legal framework, developed by the NEO Council. The token sale of legal framework is a highly anticipated milestone within the NEO community which will allow organisations to run ICOs that are legally compliant.

Although all of these news have been scattered on the different platforms, so you suggest but, in total, on our above-described notes.

If these hypotheses prove correct, this could mean a further price increase for NEO and a very positive message for the entire crypto-market, if China allows re-regulated ICOs.

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