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Native Video Box: Interview – NBI is planning a Revolution to the video distribution

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There is no doubt that the publishers of web sites need advertising to monetize a website. This can be achieved, among other things, by relevant, engaging video contents. But this also means that a web site operator must deal with brokers and other Intermediaries, in order to connect to Vloggern and video studios. It is estimated that more than 7 billion of US were alone, lost in last year’s dollars due to fraud. Native Video Box (NVB) has developed a Blockchain solution to minimize this problem. We have recently the founder and CEO of NBI, Alexander Shishow and Nikki Stewart, Head of Marketing at NBI interviewed to find out more about your platform to learn.

Can you tell us something about what is Native Video Box?

AS: NBI is basically a decentralized Video distribution platform based on the Blockchain technology, Deep Learning uses a simple Widget relevant to the licensed video content, to Websites, to deliver. Together with the Widget, the NBI enables the monetization of views of these Videos using video ads, which are embedded in the Clips.

How does the platform work?

AS: After the registration of the NBI can website operators our Widget on your website embed. (We have an application process to ensure that all publishers comply with our guidelines.) Our AI Algorithms to analyze the text content of the page, in order to determine the main themes and sub-themes. The NBI platform then automatically selects Clips from your own storage for video content and include them in the Videos on the website, so that they are perceived by the users as a native Content and not as advertising. In Essence, our KI is a Service for Video Content recommendations. An example: If a Person makes a Video on how to bake a cake, about travel, or renovation work, then the content will appear thanks to our platform automatically on web pages that relate to this topic.

Advertisers can then pay for it, you will be displayed In-Stream Pre-Roll Inventory to the user. We offer the advertiser so Video Slots across multiple platforms. The most popular, used by large platforms such as Google, Real-Time Bidding (RTB), a kind of auction system, the marketers use for some time, in order to provide for ideal content and target Placements.

What are the biggest advantages of your company?

AS: Probably is our most important asset is our ability, the actual persons to reward the valuable content you create and deploy. Video advertising is an industry of $ 13.6 billion per year, but the people who create this value, often see only a fraction of this amount. Instead of advertising to lose payments due to fraud or payments to Intermediaries will be lost, we can with our platform, up to 75% of its revenue to video makers and web site operators. This in turn means that we can achieve a tremendous organic growth in our network, we expect it to attract the best platforms and licensed video content, creating the platform for advertising is driving very attractive.

NS: I would our development team and our Advisory Board is definitely one of our best features. Alexander comes from the field of advertising display technology and has more than 10 years of experience in the area of machine Learning. He knows this industry in and out. Our entire technical and management team has extensive experience and Knowledge of all aspects of RTB and ad technology. Some of our employees are pioneers of the Blockchain technology. You understand what the industry needs and have the skills to develop a ground-breaking platform. Our Advisory Board is also a Who-is-who of the crypto world. We are supported by experts in Fintech and ICOs and the General development of the business.

How to improve the Blockchain technology, the international advertising Ecosystem?

AS: Blockchain makes the entire digital Video advertising system faster, more transparent, safer, and more cost-effective. For example, our platform eliminates the problems of an environment with multiple currencies, since all transactions are conducted with our NBI-Token, which reduces the cost by up to 30%. The Blockchain technology, the payroll costs are reduced since no additional hosting costs. We also investigate the idea of a decentralized Content Storage to develop the System so that webmasters can earn not only with video advertising, but also with your distributed storage of money.

NS: The technology distinguishes our platform from other major digital video platforms. For example, a website is planarized, such as YouTube in a similar manner by advertising the Monet, but has a highly opaque system of rewards for Content producers. With the Blockchain-technology NBI can not change the conditions for the distribution of bonuses for the number of calls one-sided. Our System uses Smart Contracts, so that all transactions of our advertisers, websites and content owners are absolutely safe. Basically, the structure is open and transparent, and anyone who so wishes, can take a look at what is included in the Smart Contracts and how they are recorded and no personal data is available or, without the Express permission or kept to be collected.

What are the goals you want to achieve as a company?

NS: NVB has pretty clear objectives and development plans. Our biggest goal is to scale the project. We already have about 1,000 websites that generate 120 million advertising views. This should be connected to the end of may with the platform. Our goal is to have until next year, at least 12,000 websites, the one billion ad views generate. We will invest our immediate efforts in the development of our Publisher network and Content producer for the platform.

AS: We also want the platform with the major global players in the RTB Ecosystem to incorporate for the growth of the NVB is of crucial importance, as it is the need of Intermediaries is reduced and the demand for producers and publishers of video content increases. As I have already mentioned, we are planning a decentralized, distributed video storage network to create, which will include a proprietary System for the storage and delivery of Video. Our ultimate goal is to provide an easy-to-use, convenient platform that offers for all those Involved in the network. Our short-term goals, in particular the improvement of the platform in General, and the user interface.

What are the future plans?

NS: We are our ICO on 15. April 2018 to complete and will then start work to improve our scale, technology and the provision of content to complete. Our first goal will be to attract new distributors with content of higher quality, which are ready to host video content. In addition, we plan to develop the network of Video publishers and producers. The NBI plans to create a Community for those in the Video and create content that will ultimately be a unique, distributed Video media service. In the short term, we will focus on the English-language markets in the United States, Europe and Parts of Asia, but our long-term planning provides for an Expansion into other Language areas.

Speaking of ICO, they have teamed up with ICOBox. ICOBox has advice you during the entire process. What experiences have you had with them?

AS: It was an exciting collaboration with Mike Raitsyn and the Rest of the ICOBox Teams. They were very patient with us. Your specialists in each Department have given us your unique Vision and you have done everything in their Power to provide the best marketing support, as well as the best legal and technical advice. We were also selected by their own ICO-Token-holders to their exclusive ICO-Swaps to participate in, what has helped us to reach a much larger audience of investors. And of course, Mike is a trusted Advisor and an inspirational Person.

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