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Nano establishes donation Fund for the victims of the Nano Hacks

bec9c81aea7d8e8b215261bbdf55ad2f - Nano establishes donation Fund for the victims of the Nano Hacks

After the supposed Nano Hack the platform BitGrail a Fund was established to compensate all victims. The funds will be fully disbursed to the affected users.

The Hack of the Italian platform BitGrail and the cause of which has not always clarified yet. Via Twitter has announced the NANO Team yesterday, now that a Fund has been established to compensate the victims. However, it is not sure whether all the affected BitGrail users will get full compensation or only in the amount of the collected donations.

A total of more than $ 2 million shall be collected, however, limit this of course, is no upper. In a blog post, the Nano-Team takes that up to the present day, all of the evidence points to the fact that BitGrails Software for the loss was the responsibility of:

To date, all of the reliable evidence we have reviewed continues to point to a bug in BitGrail’s exchange software as the reason for the loss of funds.

BitGrail was stolen on 09.02.2018 victim of a hacker attack in which more than 17 million Nano tokens from the exchange by hackers. The stock exchange notified a short time later bankruptcy.

After the Hack is a fierce debate between Bitgrail and the Nano development team is kindled, who has responsibility for the Hack. A Medium Blog Post, the Nano Team was informed that BitGrail and CEO Firano deported to the insolvency of the stock exchange and users astray.

As we already reported, has BitGrail already started in mid-March to compensate for a part of the victim by means of a newly created Tokens, the BitGrail Shares. The BitGrail Shares on the stock exchange tradable, however, it is not to pay off possible.

We find the step of the NANO team is very commendable and hope that all victims will receive adequate compensation. Nevertheless, it should be noted at this point that it is always the better Option is, crypto-currencies to an external Wallet (i.e. not on the exchange!) store.

Who wants to support the victims, find more information here.

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