Mother Dotan: ’I worry’

After all the allegations at the address of the singer Dotan (31), after investigations it was known that there are plenty of nepfans him the sky inprezen and there’s even a made-up encounter with a leukemiepatiënt used was to put him in a well-light places, keeps a reaction from his side. His mother, Patty Harpenau, wants to respond to the question.

Dotan’s mother (59), Patty leave a comment to Private know a short conversation with him to have had, despite the fact that they are already years of virtually no contact. “Yes, I worry,” says Patty, “and I want him to know that I am there for him if he me.”

“Why Dotan,” wondering, “he is so good, so talented and successful, he has this totally unnecessary!”

Read tomorrow the whole article on concerned mother Patty Harpenau

Had Dotan’s record company Universal has already know waiting for a response from the singer. Universal Music says since the publication in de Volkskrant nothing of him heard to have.

“It is impossible for us to content on the matter to respond,” said the spokesman. “We are not involved and have no knowledge from this case. So it is up to Dotan itself to comment and it is very desirable that he in the short term.”

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