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Monex take trading platform for cryptomunten Coincheck about

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The Japanese trading platform for cryptomunten Coincheck, which in January became victim of a major robbery, is being taken over by onlinebroker Monex.

The deal is an amount of 3.6 billion yen (27 million euros) involved.

The cracking was for hundreds of millions of dollars to cryptomunten of 260,000 customers of Coincheck stolen. It was going to be one of the biggest robberies of digital money ever.

After the acquisition, will be ceo Koichiro Wada’s resignation. He built Coincheck out of a blogging platforms to the second-largest trader for cryptomunten in Japan.

Monex wants to purchase its own knowledge and technology around digital currency’s strengthening. There was in the media already speculated on the acquisition.

Coincheck has customers covered for the hack. Still, it is not exactly clear who the thieves were. Reportedly, the South Korean secret service started a study of possible North Korean involvement in the theft.

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