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Medic grove: Update on the progress

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The medic grove Medical Big Data platform is currently striving to reform the health care system and, in particular, in the area of medical records. For this medic, the grove will soon be a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP), i.e., make a Software with the most necessary core features for pain clinics available in the UK. The Frustration of the patients that they will receive inadequate health care due to the incompleteness of medical records, should belong to the medic the grove of the past.

Medic’s grove, but it also does not help the Doctors are able to obtain complete information about the disease history of the patient. This is due to the incompatibility of the different software systems in the healthcare sector, which will be used for the storage of the data is Often.

Hand-written records and notes were hastily written by a doctor while interacting with a patient or after an Operation, can quickly be lost.

Medic grove would like to solve this Problem, and has already obtained in studies of positive feedback from major pharmaceutical companies, suppliers of medical technology and internationally-recognised independent research organisation.

The System is intended to facilitate the work of Doctors much. For this purpose, is provided to the physician a searchable digital patient file, which can be managed from any doctor, and all of the information about earlier dates, in the UK, known as a “Clincher-Tab”.

Furthermore, it should be automatically filled Protocol for patient investigation, in the UK, known as “Practitioner’s Logbook”. This is particularly important for hospitals and patients, because it serves as a tool to assess the work of different Doctors. Long-term goal of the medic’s grove, it also reports on the recovery of a patient, for example after an Operation in the System.

Patients who appear for the first Time, will benefit the most from the new patient (“Patient Tab”). Due to the time savings for the doctor, so the theory goes, will improve the treatment from the first visit. Hospitals are supposed to be able to treatments for patients faster, and to monitor their Suitability.

The CEO of medic’s grove, Dr. Mark Baker also points to another key problem, which is still unresolved. The digital patient file must be online for different hospitals available:

Naturally, while the goal is for the Clincher tab, so affectionately known as the “address book” tab, to be uploaded onto a system online, different hospitals use a range of systems that are quite costly and on occasion incompatible.

It is precisely this Problem to solve medic grove with the Blockchain technology. It will be developed a Blockchain for health care, a law compliant Cloud, can be stored in the patient data secure.

Dr. Baker notes that the proposed System takes already travel. With the Swisher Memorial Healthcare System of Texas, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the Tech companies Cerner and the Swiss SOS-Doctors-Central could be the first Partner:

While we are still at an early stage, I am delighted to disclose that the Swisher Memorial Healthcare System in Texas has already agreed to partner with us on this project. And we have other players in the industry who want to become involved, from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the technology solution provider, Cerner and the Swiss SOS registry, to Australia’s independent agency for scientific research in CSIRO.

In addition, medic, grove has received the green light from the computer-based “Knowledge Engine” Wolfram Alpha to make use of Machine Learning (Artificial intelligence) and thus to support automated decision-making in the case of medical problems by using stored data (“Big Data”).

The ICOBox co-founder Mike Raitsyn, and is also a member of the Advisory Board of medic’s grove, noted recently that the increasing interest in MediChains project was to be expected, given the active approach and Expertise of the company. The company currently operates a private Beta-test version of the system.

When you have a team of big data specialists, a project that targets everyone’s needs and, to top it all, a visionary leader like Mark, success is a given. The company is already operating a private beta of the planned system, as their entire team is confident about what can be achieved. Medic grove has already secured the backing of virtually every player in the industry. And above all, the project has an unbelievable social benefit – the use of big data to identify better treatments and even cures, saving countless lives all over the world.

For more information about medic grove:

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