Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna enjoyed herself at Coachella

332ffc4ed9d31817db6383650ab8e6f7 - Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna enjoyed herself at Coachella

Rihanna stood in front of the stage to dance during the concert of Beyoncé.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna and Shania Twain were among the celebrities who at the weekend came at the festival Coachella.

DiCaprio was on Saturday spotted at the Neon Carnival section of the festival site despite the fact that he studiously tried out of the spotlight to remain because of the rumors about girlfriend Camila Morrone. That happened shortly before the set of headliner Beyoncé. Not much later, Rihanna caught when she was dancing at the front of the main stage.

Elsewhere on Saturday it was Justin Bieber on the spot spotted, as well as his former flame Chantel Jeffries, who with The Weeknd seemed to be. The two were arm in arm and gave back power to the rumours about the love life of The Weeknd.

Meanwhile, country star Shania Twain was a big surprise for the famous audience of Coachella – she was spotted with Nicki Minaj, which together form a picture of the two women on Instagram placed and maintained that Shania “so dope in real life” is.

Kristen Stewart and her friend, Stella Maxwell were also seen among the festival-goers, just like Paris Hilton, Diddy, Nina Dobrev, Hailey Baldwin, first-time mother Kylie Jenner and Get Out-star Daniel Kaluuya.

And the big Beyoncé fan Adele made sure the fans knew that they were in mind at Coachella. They placed videos of themselves that show was that they went to the concert of Beyoncé was watching in her home in England.

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