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Ledger: users are reporting problems with Bitcoin Cash

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Some users of the Hardware wallet Ledger reported on serious problems in terms of functionality and current account balances. Recently, Ledger had presented a solution that allowed the use of Bitcoin Cash in the Wallet.

Since Monday, users of the Ledger wallet fight on your Bitcoin Cash account balances access. According to some Reports on the Social Media platform Reddit, where 0 Bitcoin Cash displayed, even though the account balance is higher.

An experience report is clear that there are serious errors in the functionality (freely translated):

Recently, I’ve sent all my Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin from Coinbase on my Ledger Nano. Everything was working smoothly. I wanted to send my Bitcoin to Cash, it was confirmed the transaction, but the Account screen shows my Ledger 0 BCH. I simply scanned the QR Code, and the transaction is carried out. Have I done something wrong? I’ve been waiting 36 hours for a reaction.

According to a statement from the manufacturer the new Version of the Bitcoin-ABC Updates is responsible for this.

In the statement, it says (freely translated):

The new Version of the Bitcoin-ABC (bitcoin Cash Node) poses a Problem in the compatibility with our Parser. Therefore, the displayed Bitcoin Cash account balances are incorrect. Our development team is currently working on a solution.

The Blockchain Explorer has been restarted successfully, and each transaction is adjusted. However, it may take some time.

Ledger’s CEO, Eric Larcheveque, recommends all users to use to solve the problem, the Electron Cash Wallet, on your BCH access.

The latest Updates from this morning around 5 am to describe, that the BCH-balances are displayed correctly again. The Patch will continue to be rolled out and reviewed. As for the Time of 14 o’clock CET is announced.

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