Kramer accepts seven duels suspension

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The season of Sparta striker Michiel Kramer after his outrageous red card in the uitduel with Vitesse over.

Michiel Kramer gets red from referee Kevin Blom.

The attacker and his club, heard Monday afternoon, a requirement of seven duels suspension demanded by the prosecutor of the KNVB, and went with that penalty agreement. Because Sparta still three league games to play and may still be four duels in the play-offs to save their lives, Kramer and the rest of this season is not more in action.


“My response to Alexander Büttner was wrong,” Kramer says in a statement on the website of Sparta. “Despite the fact that the duel was where I have a elbow on my lip got, you should not so react, and here I offer my apologies for.”

“This punishment is fast”, says managing director Manfred Laros of the Rotterdam club. “We accept such a reaction, and that is why they join in the proposal of the disciplinary committee. We have with Michiel spoken and he regrets his reaction. He has the club and the team disadvantaged. For the club, this case is now dismissed.”

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