Kids Eva Mouton died

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What a dramatic news about Eva Mouton. She and her partner Bert Degeyter were after long try finally in happy expectation, of two kids still. But last Saturday, tragedy struck: the children were born and died. That news made the cartooniste Monday known through her social media. How hard life could be. Eva Mouton and her friend know all about it. More than a year ago, Eva Mouton in Van Gils & Guests still text and explanation about the problem to be pregnant. She and her friend Bert did all of the 2016 effort, but it didn’t work. After a successful fertiliteitsbehandeling came good news: the two were in expectation of two kids. The couple was happy, and it would be for them a nice summer. But that wonderful story is Saturday abruptly came to an end. “Our daughter Coco and son Mingus were born and died in Ghent on 14 april 2018. We are so proud, and so sad”, sounds. “Please no dm’s or emails to send. Do you want us to congratulate and condoleren, send a letter, card or drawing to Eva & Bert – Abrikoosstraat 39 – 9000 Ghent, belgium. No gifts please. If you want to give something? We want to make a trip to our beautiful babies Coco and Mingus and show the world. A small contribution can on Eva & Bert – BE36 7370 4209 2181. Please view our privacy and the intimacy of our grief to respect.”

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