Job Gosschalk from Dutch filmvereniging set

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The board of the Dutch Academy for Film (DAFF) has Monday the membership of Job Gosschalk terminated. That makes Nieuwe Revu Monday known. In the board of directors sit representatives of all branches of the filmsport, including actors Waldemar ‘ and Monic Hendrickx.

Job Gosschalk

Jenny Boom light on behalf of the organization the decision to the sheet. They let us know that the statement that the former castingdirector at the beginning of november last year brought out about his challenging behaviour the following has been the membership to end. “His actions are inconsistent with the standards of conduct. Members may not engage in practices that transgress the law or rules of decency to go outside.” The reason that Gosschalk only as late as from the association is set, it is because the board only a few times a year with each other, reports journalist Frank Walloon on Twitter.

The DAFF has about three hundred members, filmmakers in front of and behind the camera. Both Job Gosschalk as Hans Kemna, founder and for many years owner of Kemna Casting, are from the beginning been a member of the association, which was established following a research report from 2009 which revealed that, within the Dutch film industry, there was mutual distrust, poor communication and a lack of clearly defined objectives.

Great Dutch actors as Rutger Hauer, Dutch actress Carice van Houten, Barry Atsma and Thekla Reuten are, for example, (and also Jobs cousin Janusz Gosschalk, leading to the now well-publicized Kemna Casting. The members determine since 2015 the nominations and the winners of the Golden Calves for bioscoopspeelfilms and long documentaries in which they work together with the Dutch Film Festival.

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