Jet van Nieuwkerk makes series about obsessive healthy behavior

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Jet van Nieuwkerk for the public broadcaster NTR and get to work. The presenter and kookboekenschrijfster deepens for the new program are Not healthy more in the world of obsessive eating, and excessive exercise.

Jet van Nieuwkerk

Ten years ago, eating healthily and exercising for the Jet itself an obsession. At its low point ate only vegetables and fruit. They sportte every day and did not dare with her girlfriends out to eat. Her world was getting smaller and smaller. With the help of a therapist was the daughter of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk tackle the problem and after a long struggle she managed to come back to normal life and eating habits.

Recently she came out in an article, the term orthorexia, a not an officially recognized eating disorder, in which there is a morbid fixation on healthy eating. They recognized themselves in the description. Not healthy lake is a three-part series on the NTR from Wednesday, June 23 weekly broadcasts to 21.05 hours. Jet talks with patients and experts.

“I wonder if the health and bodycultuur is blown. Is appearance more important now than ever?”, question Van Nieuwkerk. “It’s because we are using social media constantly with others to compare? Why have I struggled and a lot of others do not? Is it a hype or an eating disorder? Why is there so little information about, let alone a good method to make people agree to help? As I look around, it seems more and more people seem so extreme to eat healthy and like to exercise, that your life takes. There, but I’m concerned about.”

For RTL4 presented by Jet van Nieuwkerk last year the series Foodmakers.

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