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Japanese regulator punishes seven cryptobeurzen

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The Japanese financial regulator has seven cryptobeurzen on the knuckles in an attempt to protect consumers from the sometimes risky trading in cryptomunten. Two scholarships have to temporarily close the doors.

According to the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the internal control systems at the stock exchanges do not in order. For example, there were improvements required in the area of risk management and in the prevention of criminal use of digital money.

The measures following the theft of a staggering 530 million dollars worth of digital coins at the Japanese cryptobeurs Coincheck. In addition to Coincheck is also CMO Coin punished. Bit Drive and FSHO should be at least a month to close.


Furthermore, it was Thursday clearly that the victims of the massive roof at Coincheck with their compensation may be better off, than when they are still in possession of the relevant nem coins.

The final compensation amounts to 440 million dollars, while the total value of the coins currently 262 million dollars lower. The 523 million stolen digital coins were, at the time of the theft is approximately a 500 million dollar worth.

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Under pressure

The cracking has the value of digital money is certainly not well done. But also the fear of stricter regulation and trade restrictions convert values of cryptomunten the last time under pressure.

Coincheck has always said that the 260.000 aggrieved traders their damages reimbursed. The cryptobeurs go from next week, the victims pay.

Still, it is not exactly clear who the thieves were. Reportedly, the South Korean secret service started a study of possible North Korean involvement in the theft.

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