Jani let singles dating without knowing it

What if a single ‘happened’ to have someone fun to bump, but does not know that he is dating is, everything being filmed and his friends live spectating? In the new FOUR-program Matchmakers you can go from Monday night to witness real encounters.

Everyone in his circle of friends someone who is single. Someone of which you think: “that is, as someone great; how can that be that still no love?!” Enter Jani – as you never saw, and his Matchmakers.

Jani forges every week a daring conspiracy with the circle of friends of a single. Together with the friends, choose Jani three singles that match perfectly with the single match and together they make sure that the matches to each other meet by chance. Jani follows the dates together with the friends, full of hope and excitement live behind the scenes. Matchmakers let singles dating without knowing it, three times.

View Matchmakers every Monday to 20u35 on FOUR or wherever you are via Click here to download the program.

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