Jan Kooijman is seductive Juan fell in Love with Cuba

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The actor and dancer Jan Kooijman has a role, er, in Love with Cuba, the new film from director Johan Nijenhuis. That has distributor, Entertainment One announced Monday.

Jan Kooijman

Kooijman plays the role of the seductive Juan, with whom the main character Loes a affair to experience in Cuba. She is headlong into the communist island traveled when her daughter reported to get married with a Cuban. In Cuba regains Loes her faith in love.

The images will be starting shortly. It is the third time that the two works; rather it was ” to see in the hits Tuscan wedding and fell in Love with Ibiza. Who the role of Loes played, Wednesday announced. Previously was already reported that Maaike Martens, known from hbo’s hit series The Luizenmoeder, a role for her.

Kooijman was the last to see the white canvas in The Seventh Heaven (2016) on the now controversial Job Gosschalk. The actor founded the last years and more on his television career at KRO-NCRV.

Fall in love with Cuba from February 14, 2019 in the Dutch cinemas.

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