James Comey: ‘Trump is morally unfit for the presidency’

Former FBI boss James Comey in an interview sharp out at US president Donald Trump. He has him morally unfit for the presidency called and said that he obstruction of justice from the president as possible.

A person that women like a piece of meat treats, constant lying, and it is that the American people believe him, is morally unfit for the office, said Comey Sunday night in a tv interview on the ABC network News.

Comey said that he does not believe in the speculation that Trump mentally unfit or incipient dementia. “He seems to me to be a person with above average intelligence, which conversations to follow and know what’s going on,” said Comey. “I do not believe that he is not medically able to be the president. I think that he is morally unable to do so.”

‘Impediment to justice’

In addition, Comey also possible that Trump the judicial process has to try harder. That’s what he said in the same interview on ABC News. He stressed that in that case he no investigator or prosecutor, but a witness.

Comey talked about a conversation between the president and the head of the FBI in February 2017. Trump was against Comey said that he wanted the investigation of the FBI to then-national security adviser Michael Flynn would be discontinued. Kwatongen see in it an attempt at obstruction of justice. Trump himself says the statements made by Comey.


The past few days it rained all the insults going back and forth between Trump and Comey. The former head of the FBI, calculates in a new book, ruthless with the president. The book with the title “A higher loyalty: truth, lies and leadership” appears in the Tuesday, but licked all the passages of.

Trump dismissed Comey in may 2017. Later, Comey resigned in connection with the Russia-investigation of the FBI. After Comey, Robert Mueller was appointed as a special prosecutor. Who is now investigating allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016, and also whether or not the Trump camp is involved.

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