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Is on 27./28. April on the block split in Croatia.

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Blockchain HUB Split organized the Blockchain conference block split, which of 27. up to the 28. April takes place in Split, Croatia. The conference represents a unique opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to discover the world of the Blockchain so you can later start your own projects. In addition to the aim of new forms of Blockchain developer would like to split the Block also entrepreneurs with the Knowledge to equip, the need for the implementation of the Blockchain technology in their current businesses.

In line with this objective, the conference attracted many renowned speakers, who had in the past with their projects success. The experience gathered will be presented to the participants on the block split. Among the speakers are Peter Todd (Bitcoin Core Developer), Sandra Ro (Managing Partner & COO for UQINCorp), Paul Janowitz (the Community Lead for Monero), Pawel Cichoki (founder & Technical Lead for Nebula Network), Martin Lundfall (Fromal Verification Researcher for Dapphub) and many more.

The Agenda of the conference spread over two days. Day 1 is reserved for Workshops in development and entrepreneurship. This will take 8 hours and are limited to 20 places, in order to ensure the quality. Day 2 consists of two Tracks: developer-lectures and company presentations. In the case of the company presentations, you will have the Chance to listen to speakers who have taken in over $ 15 million by ICOs, while the developers-lectures offer the opportunity to learn from the developers themselves about the technology.

The aim of the conference is to create a new Blockchain enthusiasts, to expand later, the limits of the technology. More information is available on the Website of the organizer – click here for Tickets.

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