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Interview: David Walters, founder of imusify

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In an exclusive Interview with crypto David Walters, the founder of imusify told about his motives for the project, as he has found a niche and how he is in the technology industry has come. In addition, we learn a little bit about his personal story and what led him to the Blockchain and the world of music.

imusify – “Free music”

imusify was developed on the NEO Blockchain and acts as a music platform like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and also as a second level to these platforms. The platform model to provide increased incentives for listeners as well as musicians. The niche is to integrate content from existing platforms for the financial benefits of the IMU-Tokens.

One of the main problems of the project will be to achieve a reasonable network speed, which allows the playback of music. In our Interview, David confirmed that imusify has added a consultant to the video game Streaming platform Twitch on the IMU Team.

Why should I use IMUSIFY?

  1. New Social Music Sharing and Discovery platform with the best features of the existing platforms, but also the additional Smart-Contract-functions of the Blockchain technology – “Smart Music Platform 2.0”
  2. The built-in Imusify Token allows artists to monetize their content through the Smart Contracts immediately. You can also spend your $ IMU, in order to increase your reach and distribute them to Fans, friends and family members.
  3. Safety and immutability of the block Chain is used for the improvement of copyright protection, whereby the artists are given total control over their content.
  4. Network-Market-effect for emerging entrepreneurs and industry experts to Connect, Communicate, Share, and Act a great platform for the participants.

David Walters

David sees himself as a “serial entrepreneur”. He founded his first company at the age of 16 years, in this, he developed websites and has since been working in the Internet world. One of the reasons why he likes the Blockchain so much, is that it was born from the Internet. A large part of what has done to the Internet since its inception in the 90s, is to have existing media habits and content in digital Form.

Blockchain has the movement reversed. The difference is clear in questions such as Bitcoin – currency or assets? The existing rules and regulations to try something really New in antiquated categories, so slowly in some countries, these new technologies catch, however, to pay enough attention to.

Here David saw a great opportunity, as artists lose in the music industry thanks to outdated practices and money. He developed imusify so that artists can keep more of their income, in a similar way, this can also lead to costs for consumers are reduced.

Blockchain-technology companies on a global level. David, who comes from Russia, currencies where Crypto is now a legal means of payment, it is happy to run a business, which has an influence in the world.

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