International research team until Wednesday to Douma

78c9c3ae97ed2f3d39c4ff34ae9582e1 - International research team until Wednesday to Douma

The researchers of the OPCW can pass Wednesday begin their investigation of chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Douma. That was for today scheduled, but Syria and Russia showed that not allow.

In Douma was the beginning of this month an attack carried out which dozens of civilians killed. According to the West used the regime of president al-Assad this poison gas, Damascus denies that.

A team of the OPCW, the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, would Monday begin with an investigation of that attack. Syria and Russia refused the researchers, however, the access. OPCW chief Ahmet Uzumcu reported Monday that the two countries, pointing to ‘security concerns’. So would the roads to Douma still ontmijnd should be.

The United States and Russia, accusing it together in the meantime, all of the research to manipulate.

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