Herr Seele in Pieces of People

Absurdist artist Herr Seele comes knocking on your door with a piano of the London brand Broadwood, the Rolls Royce of the English pianos. Seele put the piece in a particular jacket for an exhibition and painted the wood with his brainchild Cowboy Henk. But he turns out to be no easy seller… The experts continue to be surprised by Raymond with an exclusive movement of the hand of Theo Fabergé. The watchmaker was the last living grandson of the jeweler of the Russian tsars and the Russian imperial court. The expert may, hopefully – just as Putin and Bush are the proud owner of this highly sought after timepiece called?

Dorian is a big fan of Marilyn Monroe and goes in search of a new owner for a piece from her personal collection: a telephone message card from 1961. Lived, the world-famous actress in Beverly Hills for filming. Vincent looking for closer to home with an object of Belgian origin. Which dealer is interested in a unique pool table from the 30’s of the Kortrijk furniture manufacturer De Coene?

Pieces of People – Tuesday to 21u35 on FOUR.

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