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Health organizations in the United States confirm Blockchain projects

For a group of health organizations in the U.S. Blockchain technology projects are currently underway to bring the unorganized storage practices of patient information, which arise when patients are cared for by multiple providers under a hat.

Incomplete patient information cost billions

The health care system of the United States would have as a private industry with a competitive advantage, it would not ensure that the problematic processes, which for inaccurate patient information and lack of efficiency.

It is estimated that each year $will spent 2.1 billion dollars for the processing and Administration of patient information.

The Primary Blockchain-Purpose

Blockchain-technologies have many potential uses outside of the Cryptocurrency industry, few, however, appear to be so logical as the use of technology for the Administration of patient information.

Five large organizations in the health sector have developed a program to test the feasibility of a universal data network. The Blockchain technology provides optimal security for medical records, reducing the total disk space, and guarantees accurate information for medical treatments.

All individual patient data would be stored for this purpose on a network to which the healthcare organisations can access. This would also ensure that patient information is not only stored on a local storage place of a health organization, but in all cases, on a single universal data set for all the organisations involved are available.

Thousands benefit from this

The five health organizations, which are involved in the project, have thousands of hospitals in the United States and are active in medical research, and administrative services in partnership with hundreds of private hospitals.

These separate units will be able to split data in addition to the individual treatments on a more General administrative or process functions to apply to a more effective health system overall.

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