Greek protesters go Truman-image to body

ATHENS – Greek protesters in Athens tried to make a statue to take down of Harry Truman, the former president of the United States. They were the image of the American body during a demonstration against the attack of the Americans and the allies on targets in Syria.

A witness said the demonstrators among others, tried to by the feet of ’Truman’ to saw. Also did the supporters of the communist party, reportedly an attempt to the statue with ropes down to pull. They were not in their intent: the riot police intervened and fired tear gas to the crowd to disperse.

“What we are today did was a symbolic act against the united states and the war”, said a member of the leftist group PAME. “The statue is a symbol of imperialism and the US in Greece.” Activists have already had their anger cooled on the image of Truman. The statue has in the past smeared with paint.

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