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Goodbye FUD #10 – here to stay

The last few weeks and months were anything but rosy for the crypto market. Falling prices and bad news have strong hit on the mood in the crypto-Ecosystem is the buzzword FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) struck high waves. In some of the reporting could be quickly the impression is gained that the crypto-Economy is at the end. We consider this to be a miscalculation and want to sketch in our 10-part article series to develop and why in 2018, an outstandingly good year. Today is the last part: The acceptance of crypto-currencies.

10 days – 10 article – Many reasons to get do not panic. The price of Bitcoin may have for a long time not a all-time high. But there are other aspects around Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology, which describe the triumph of the crypto-Ecosystem.

Because cooling does well, even if you have to first learn from the mistakes of the past. That is what it takes to outgrow the children’s shoes, to establish an international Blockchain-state and to make as Prof. Dr. Blockchain career. Then you noticed that the crypto winter is in principle not a bad matter. If the Blockchain-Disciples have mastered all of these steps are brave, you can apply for the numerous Jobs that the Ecosystem provides. So you can work, for example, to defuse the scaling debate and already, the returns throw. Then it works also with the adaptation.

Acceptance of Kryptos comes

The pillars are placed. Ultimately, the slowdown has not only helped to reduce the transaction costs. Especially SegWit in combination with the Lightning-Network paves the way for Bitcoin.

The popularity of Bitcoin has increased significantly in recent months. For dealer it is, therefore, more attractive to accept Bitcoin. The increasing clarity in terms of tax increases, the reliability of the crypto-currency.

Many companies have recognized the signs of the time already. Whether Burger in Berlin, car Windows in Oranienburg or airline tickets in Latvia – the acceptance and use of opportunities from a wide range of. Recently, the fashion brand United Colors of Benetton is known crypto-currencies in a branch in Lithuania to accept. The higher the corporate acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment, the faster the adaptation of the masses is advancing.

Back to the Roots

A Reflection on the beginnings of Bitcoin does not help to come to the General fear, uncertainty and doubt in a panic:

We write the year 2008. The financial crisis simmers. The world economy begins to falter. In the world of Nerds, Tech geeks and Sysadmins a Revolution is on the horizon. One, two, maybe even twenty Unknown the Bitcoin White Paper published under the Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in an E-Mail distribution. A new concept which will make banks obsolete in the future.

Of a electronic Peer-to-Peer money system , without the middle men. A stable currency with a limited total amount that should withstand the global financial system. Digital coins, which are made up of bits – Bitcoin was born. So you should be able to without the large fees, quantities of Paper and time required global to pay.

And that is exactly what it seems to be in the enchanted views of the Bitcoin course always forget. With the application, the acceptance comes eventually.

The last words

One last point: Everyone can do something for the spread of Bitcoin. The Credo remains the same: Use the Bitcoin! Whether it is charities, a donation to the aunt in Venezuela sends something to the Dash or to his children a few IOTA for retirement pays – you can let his creativity run free.

The future remains exciting. What crypto currency is, how the chaff separates from the wheat – the don’t even know Satoshi Nakamoto. However, we are part of a system that will prevail in any Form. One thing is for sure: the Blockchain is here to stay. Therefore: No reason to panic.

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