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Golem (GNT) launches the Beta Version of the Ethereum Mainnet

c8303938ee3fc980c2696ca2019459d6 - Golem (GNT) launches the Beta Version of the Ethereum Mainnet

After almost two years of development time, the Golem Network Team has been able to announce yesterday an important milestone. As one of the first ICO projects on the Ethereum Blockchain, the project on the Mainnet has gone live. As the Golem Network Team announced yesterday in a Blog Post that has been published in the Brass-Beta Version of Golem.

In the Medium of the Post, the Team is (freely translated) says:

Golem is a dApp, and like any other application also, it requires testing in a protected test environment. To move forward, we need to come out of this comfort zone and make sure that the components that we have developed and continue to expand, are responsive and in a decentralized environment work well.

This means in clear text that the application can include one or more error (therefore, the Beta Version).

In the development progress, and to find any remaining problems, however, a real environment with real users. The users of the Beta Version but can still pay with “real” GNT Token.

The Golem Network (GNT) provides a marketplace for the rental of computing power. The GNT Token exists as a ERC-20-Token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The aim of the project is a Supercomputer on the Blockchain to provide the combined advantage of the unused computing power of individual persons, then this combined processing power of both affordable and accessible.

In the network users are equally possible, the computing power to offer and, as consideration GNT get to rent as well as computing power and pay via GNT. Every user can benefit from the outsourcing of its unused computing power to the Golem network and earn money.

With regard to the rental of computing power, the Golem Network, especially to Software developers, but also computer animators in the film industry, as well as scientific projects, which can outsource by using the network programs and calculations are comparatively cheap, without having the appropriate technology.

First, the scope of application of the Brass-Beta-Version, however, only a CGI Rendering limited. In later Version will also follow in 2018, but more use cases that do not require large amounts of computing power. The Software of the Golem is for the operating systems MacOS, Windows and Linux.

In addition to the publication of Brass Beta Golem, a Bug Bounty, has announced the program for the user, a reward can earn, in order to detect errors in the Software, and to report.

The Golem of course is currently 0,2250 Euro per GNT. Within the last 24 hours of the GNT course has risen by 21 percent. Thus, the course could benefit apparently of the Ethereum Mainnet message. The course will continue to develop, it is difficult to predict. However, a good Chance that with the increasing demand of computing power, the GNT rate will rise from our point of view.

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