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GIFCOIN – Private Sale completed successfully

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The new ICO, GIFCOIN, the Private Sale with 10 million sold Coins successfully completed and now starts the next Phase. After the Launch on 22. February could be perceived as a crypto-expert, that the Team behind the GIFCOIN knows his craft. The Private Sale of 10 million Coins was a huge success, and so it goes now also directly with the official start of sales.

For all of you who still don’t know what is behind the GIFCOIN, here again briefly the most important facts summarized:

Behind the GIFCOIN is an experienced Team of developers, and programming, which of the already existing betting platform, represent. VitalBet has been working profitable with an annual turnover of over US $ 7 million in 2017. With the money generated by the sale of the Coins, it is intended to expand the Website and by large-scale advertising campaigns, the well-known. For the investors there is every year, 80 % of the net profit as a return.

A short summary Video can also be found on the official YouTube-channel:

Since the Launch has been done ready for some

There are many indications that the Soft have been made for the GIFCOIN in the right direction. So the Coin of the ICO-Rating-Website, already a rating of 4.3 out of 5 possible points achieved. Also, some of the new Advisors were able to be obtained for the project, for example, in the areas of Marketing, Blockchain, or PR.

In the beginning it was only possible to GIFCOIN against Ethereum to acquire, are now two more payment methods have been added and although Bitcoin and Litecoin. In addition, the Sale was divided into seven so-called Stages. Stage 1, the ongoing Phase, which is directly connected to the Private Sale. Here there is a Bonus of 60 % on the purchased Gifcoins.

The Bonus, however, is limited per Stage on a small number of Coins!

So there is the Bonus of 60 %, for example, only 6.4 million Gifcoins in Stage 1. When you consider how quickly the 10 million Coins out of the Private Sale were sold out, one can assume that it will not take long, up to Stage 2 with a 40 % Bonus is reached. Who wants to secure the biggest Bonus should not wait too long. Almost 20 % of the Coins from Stage 1 have been sold already now. In the further course of the Bonus will be released step by step per Stage down, up then, in Stage 7, the regular sale no additional Bonus is achieved.

All the information about the Coin, the Team, the Advisors and, of course, the White Paper can be found on the Website

For all investors there is also a deeper glimpse behind the Scenes and the progress of the Gifcoin Teams. These are namely in the so-called “Investor-Only groups” in the Messenger Telegram on a regular basis with information about the work of the team supplied. These groups are available in German and in English.

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