Ghana is going crazy with noise gebedsoproep mosques: Use WhatsApp’

10010220778e4899719520cc8f222858 - Ghana is going crazy with noise gebedsoproep mosques: Use WhatsApp’

ACCRA – Ghana has mosques kindly requested to WhatsApp to for gebedsoproepen instead of speakers. Day in and day out to get Africans to make a lot of noise by the calls and something has to change.

In the capital, Accra, the authorities of the muslim communities asked to WhatsApp to use. Which seem here, however, does not make much sense to have.

“Can we think about’

“Why can the call to prayer via sms or WhatsApp to be sent. The imam can then send messages to anyone, asks minister of environment minister Kwabena Frimpong-Now.

“I think that this the noise will return,” he says against the German DW. “It is perhaps controversial but it is something we can think about.”

’Is not necessary’

Many muslims in the capital cities, have doubts in the proposal. Imam Sheik Usan Ahmed five times per day calls on people for prayer, do not see it sit. He has doubts about the economic side of the story. “Something like that, costs money. We try to do what is possible but I think that it is not necessary.”

Also, churches in Ghana are seen as sources of noise. Other muslims that DW has spoken to also seem to not really pull in digital calls. “I think that we don’t do anything wrong. Christian churches do it myself, for sunrise,” says Nora Nshiah.

’Not everyone is so literate’

Also Kevin Pratt, sees the idea of the minister is not sitting. “Not everybody is on social media, and is as literate as he is.”

The Ghanaian government has hinted that they are in the extreme laws want to enter the noise of the tires.

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