“Full metal jacket”actor Lee Ermey death

The American actor Ronald Lee Ermey, best known as the brutal drill instructor methodically in the war film “Full metal jacket”, is Sunday, died of the consequences of a pneumonia. That reports to his manager Bill Rogin on the twitter account of the actor. Ermey was 74 years old.

Ermey was in the 60’s a real drilinstructeur in the U.s. marine corps and fought 14 months in the Vietnam war, before he is due to medical reasons stopped. He took his first steps in the world of film when he by director Francis Ford Coppola was hired as a consultant for the film “Apocalypse now” (1979), in which Ermey also has a small role as a helicopter pilot.
Known he was, however, by the movie “Full metal jacket” (1987) by director Stanley Kubrick. Therein shines in his role as a tyrannical drill instructor methodically that marines must prepare for the war in Vietnam. He was interpreting nominated for a Golden Globe.
In total played Ermey in dozens of movies and series, in which he often getypecast was in authoritarian roles. He was seen in “Mississippi burning,” “The Texas chainsaw massacre” and “Se7en” and provided his voice to a speelgoedsoldaat in the “Toy story”animation sequence.

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