First sekspoppenbordeel open

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Meise – The first sekspoppenbordeel is a fact. In the Belgian Meise, the doors open had gone from the ’sex doll house’.

Customers can choose from ten ladies in the first sekspoppen brothel.

Clients pay fifty euros for a half hour, eighty for an hour and for one hundred and twenty euro is the siliconenpop to choice one and a half hours before you are ready.

The owner speaks in The Newspaper of “a unique erotic service with one of our eight beautiful, lifelike silicone ladies”.

The brothel, which is right in between Antwerp and Brussels in the near of the highway is located, since its opening last week, five clients had, so it is still a bit of a dead quantity.

Fabrice Jacobs built his own living room to make space for his customers to receive. In a room adjoining the interested loose on Jessica, Eva, Amelia, Gabriëlla, Kyara, Linda, Sabrina and Lolita.

The customer may at its own preferred head, body, clothing and hairstyle of the dolls to customize. Even a geslachtswijziging is (using a 14 inch long attachment).

The regional newspaper Dernière Heure took a look. The reporter service finds that the ladies are cold and stiff to the touch and little willing seem. It takes according to the owner thank you also, just before his twenty pounds of heavy ’ladies’ warmed up.

The former wholesaler in cleaning products in Brussels was the first plan after the sale of his business to go to retire in Spain. But now he sees golden opportunities.

Jacobs wants to expand rapidly: there must be a male doll, and as for his ’workers’ have to go moaning and talking.

The Belgian stressed that the dolls ’after each use’ to be thoroughly cleaned. The ladies going in a bath tub in the garage next to the house.

Condoms are not mandatory.

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