Farewell of the F-16

7638077476c035461faaf0e1c277780e - Farewell of the F-16

Tuesday, the curtain falls on the documentary series of VTM NEWS about the most talked about part of the Belgian army, the F-16, and we say goodbye to pilots, Tobi, Barry, Chipo, Scalle, Baseco, Sprinkler, Gizmo, Gadis and Shell. The series was a real scoop, never before threw the Belgian air Force as the doors open from the base of Kleine Brogel. On average looked at voetbalrijke Tuesday nights 434.460 people, accounting for 23,2% of the market share (live+deferred figures).

While in Kleine Brogel Chipo Basic Fighting Maneuvers’ – say but the one on one dogfights – learn, is for Gadis in Jordan are first oorlogsmissie against it. With a bag full of experience, he returned to Kleine Brogel.

Both Scalle as Shell names the past few months saying goodbye to their F-16. Shell is Awacs-pilot for the Nato, while Scalle together with others in a care of the new generation. F-16 follows him during his visit to Sheppard air force Base in Texas, USA. There he meets four young Belgian pilots during an international training program that they must prepare for a fighter pilot to be.

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