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Everything is Green: IOTA, OmiseGo and Steem give full throttle

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The crypto market seems to have, in total, for the Moment recovered, and the cops go again. Particularly strong are some Altcoins that have far more than 20 percent rise in share Price could benefit. This includes, among other things, IOTA, OmiseGo and Steem.

Yesterday, the market capitalisation increased within 60 minutes to just under 30 billion dollars. So far there is only speculation about what the whales have entered the market. At the time of writing, the total market capitalization stands at US $ 312 billion.

As we previously reported, George Soros and Venrock (a company of the Rockefeller family) announced in the crypto market. This might be one of the reasons for the rapid increase. On the other hand, the positive Momentum could be returned. Probably, many investors have been waiting for the right Moment to get back into the crypto-market. With the sudden increase in the “wait-and-see” investors an opportunity to seen and confidence in the market recovered. Another possible reason could be Trading Bots that have their share of the rally. With Reach a certain limit or by using specific Algorithms to automatically many Buy Orders may be triggered. Ultimately, however, these are only speculations.

The German Cryptocurrency IOTA was in the Top 10 for the largest increase with a Plus of about 26 percent in the last 24 hours. The price continues to rise and is at 1.35 to the Dollar.

The trading volume is 71 million is rather small and occupies the last place within the Top 10. The market capitalization is just under 3.75 billion dollars.

A rieisigen jump could make OmiseGo. The rate increased within the last 24 hours in order to 40 percent on the price of 13,65 dollars per OMG-Token. This rate increase is the largest within the Top 20 of the largest crypto market capitalization) currencies (as measured by Hand.

The market capitalization is, at the time of writing of 1.392 billion dollars and occupies 20th place in the Ranking of the largest crypto-currencies.

As we already reported, will be introduced this year, the Plasma Upgrade on the Ethereum Blockchain. Since OMG is a ERC20-Token, increases, consequently, the speed of the transactions of OmiseGo take place.

A similarly strong increase in the Cryptocurrency Steem, a rate increase of 44 percent recorded in may. The price for a Steem Token is 2,93 dollars and a market capitalization of $ 750 million.

Within the Top 100 Bitcoin Private increased the most and can an increase of almost 100 percent within the last 24 hours.

The current market situation it is tempting to invest, however, it should be borne in mind always that the crypto market in total, within the last 2 months has been incredibly volatile. Just as quickly as the capital in the market, it can also be deducted again flowed. The next days will show whether stability is achieved and the long-awaited return of the bulls to enter.

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