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EOS to the Moon: About 45% price increase within a 24

809c783cdfc82f8335c836e434d64d15 - EOS to the Moon: About 45% price increase within a 24

The crypto-currency EOS put yesterday a rocket start compared to the rest of the crypto market. Individual currencies were not able to achieve double-digit price gains of just over 10 percent, and EOS stopped, however, to rise in price and is now cracking on the way to the 50 percent mark.

EOS is considered to be a potential Ethereum-Killer, although the project is still in its infancy. Within the last 24 hours, the price of the crypto-currency only knows one direction: straight to the top. The price per Coin has risen from just under 5 Euro on a 30-day High of € 7.08 to editorial time.

Thus, recorded EOS a priced increase of almost 45 per cent within only one day. The market capitalization has also increased to a value of 5.5 billion euros. In order for EOS to place 5, before Litecoin, in the Ranking of the largest crypto currencies pushed.

The trading volume with over 1.8 billion Euro, significantly higher than that of Ethereum (1.2 billion Euro). The largest part of the trading volume originates from South Korea to the stock exchanges Bithumb and Upbit. Together, the Exchanges account for more than 40% of global trading volume.

The current rally seems to be of the upcoming eosDAC to be Airdrop-driven, which is planned for the 15.04.2018.

On 15.04.2018, the 300. Anniversary of the EOS-ICOs all EOS Wallets that hold a minimum of 100 the EOS Token is received, the same number of eosDAC-Token, which are transmitted after the Start of the Mainnets. Users hold less than 100 EOS Token, may possibly get also eos DAC-Token, you must perform manually.

Some exchanges have already announced plans to support the Airdrop. This includes, among other things, OKEX. This official Video explains in detail the objectives of the eosDAC project and what to consider when Airdrop is in the Detail.

EosDAC is a platform, which is controlled by the Token holders and the Community through an intelligent Voting System.

EosDAC wants to be the leading “Decentraliced Autonomous Community (DAC), the Blocks for the EOS Community in the world is generated. As the time horizon at the end of may. Then the project should be fully functional. Furthermore, the Community wants to deploy multiple Tools for DApps and other emerging DACs help in the development as well as in the later course of development.

In the past few months, had already been observed Frequently that Airdrops have led to a massive short-term increase in the price of crypto-currencies, because of the “free” distributed crypto-currencies and you will be rewarded for the mere Holding of crypto-currencies.

After the completion of the snapshot or Airdrops of course like often, so this is the fate of EOS could also find a home. Only the time can show, therefore, is whether this is unhealthy and will grace be the end of rise of permanent Momentum.

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