Emma Thompson to direct Nanny McPhee-musical

e5b45e504f4802b27079dc90e8717924 - Emma Thompson to direct Nanny McPhee-musical

The actress will be on the shelves.

The women of the hit film Nanny McPhee is directed by Emma Thompson. The actress played the title role in the film from 2005. She wrote at the time, also the script of the film, and will also do for the play.

According to the Daily Mail remains the role of Thompson in the musical limited to behind the scenes. There is still being sought for an actress for the role of Nanny McPhee, a nurse with the help of magic, the seven offenders are children in the family Brown back into line.

The musical is not yet to be seen. Rehearsals will take about a year to start, with the premiere on London’s West End is only for the next year on the schedule.

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