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Dutchman, be careful with investments in cryptovaluta’s

Dutch people are relatively careful when it comes to investments in, among others, cryptovaluta. That concludes supervisor Authority Financial Markets (AFM) on the basis of preliminary research.

Final results of the research of the AFM will be published this year.

At the peak in the beginning of this year was market for cryptomunten and ICO’s, another form of digital money creation, is over 800 billion dollars worth, compared to 20 billion dollars a year earlier. The market for ICO’s last year, was good all over the world for about $ 4 billion, the same amount as the first quarter of this year.

Investors hit according to the AFM, blinded by success and want a piece of the action. Therein shelter according to the AFM, understand the risks. But Dutch people are not completely crazy, the supervisor.

Small amounts

The majority of the investors has “relatively small amounts” invested in digital products. About 69 percent of the Dutch cryptobeleggers there for less than 1,000 euros per person. It is one of the vulnerability is limited.

Approximately 1 percent of the investors in cryptomunten suggested by a strong fall in serious problems.


The AFM warned again of the risks of a market that is still clearly in its infancy”. The vast majority of the Dutch investors (80 percent) is familiar with this warning.

The influence that the AFM can exercise, is currently relatively limited.

Increased sharply

Almost from scratch, the prices of many virtual coins Thursday sharply increased. So won the bitcoin in just over an hour period about 900 dollars; of more than 6.800 dollar to almost 7.800 dollars. That is an increase of about 13 percent.

The ethereum and ripple have won more than 11 percent, and the EOS even went with 32 percent, shows data from the website Coinmarketcap, which all the rates are tracking. A clear reason for the profit, there doesn’t seem to be.

For bitcoin it was the first time in a week and a half that the value on top of the $ 7000 came out. At the end of march was the bitcoin for the last more than $ 8,000 worth.

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