Djukanovic again president of Montenegro

PODGORICA – The Montenegrin political veteran Milo Djukanovic, the presidential election in his country.

Milo Djukanovic (right).

He got 53,9% of the vote, the election commission Monday afternoon announced after all the votes were counted. Because Djukanovic, more than half of the votes, no second round of voting to be held.

The main challenger of Djukanovic, Mladen Bojanic, got to 33.4 percent of the votes. He gave Sunday night already to be proud of the support he got. “I will continue the fight to Montenegro, to liberate ourselves from the dictatorship of Djukanovic,” he said to reporters.

Djukanovic press for decades its stamp on politics in the balkan country, with about 620,000 residents. He was since 1991, repeatedly prime minister, and was also previously president, a mainly ceremonial function. However, he can also in that function is expected to be much influence through his DPS party.

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