‘Dirty tricks’campaign, the Russians, fear for full cyber attack

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LONDON – Russia has started a campaign of dirty tricks” against Great Britain and the United States after the attack on Syrian targets. The British government has the amount of misinformation that Russia spreads via social media to see vertwintigvoudigen since the rocket fire in the early hours of Saturday.

It is to be feared for a full cyber attack by Moscow.

It is to be feared for a full cyber attack by Moscow. Russia has in the days before the attack repeatedly warned about the consequences of that would continue. A parliamentary source in London speaks of ,,dirty tricks”.

,,I think every precaution should take”, said the British minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson in an interview with the BBC. ,,If you see what Russia has done, not only in this country, in Salisbury but attacks on tv stations, on the democratic processes, on critical national infrastructure, then we should be very, very careful.” In Salisbury was a Russian former double agent attacked with nerve gas.

Also, Washington says, a sharp increase of the Russian fake accounts that spread misinformation spread, for example, that 70 percent of the missiles to Syria would be brought down. In a day saw the Pentagon the number of fake accounts with 2000 percent increase.

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