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DeStream: decentralization of the Streaming industry

Over the years, the game industry has created a completely new market: video-game-Streaming. Streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube have reached an impressive revenue of the sector. According to a study by third-party market for games Streaming will generate in 2017 expected to be $ 4.6 billion in sales.

However, the high Commission fees of platforms like Twitch for video game Streamer betimes be quite daunting, especially for those who have just started and are trying to make a name for themselves. The Commission fee can be up to 20% when a new player streamed and gets $6 hours $ 100 USD in donations, then he can pay only $80 USD to his Bank account.

Here DeStream comes into play:

Source: Destream Medium

DeStream is a decentralized financial Ecosystem for Streamer, the existing Streaming industry shake up. The Russia-based company wants to develop a global platform for Streamer, which will increase the productivity of the Streamer, their activities diversify and the procurement of start-up capital to help.

The basic idea was to reduce the Commission fees in order for Streamer and more on their productions to be able to concentrate and less on the administrative side of the Stream need to take care of.

In an Interview on the first C3 Crypto Conference Tachat Igityan, founder and CFO of DeStream, pointed out that the ridiculously high Commission fees on Streaming platforms are unfair streamers to video game. “The Streamer will receive only 80% of the donations with the remaining 20% goes to the Streaming platform.”

“For this reason, we opted for the Blockchain-technologies in the Streaming industry. Thanks to technology we are not only able to have very good safety Standards, but also to reduce the Commission fees dramatically, to just 0.77% – 20 times less than the traditional platforms can offer.“

In addition, the implementation of Smart Contracts allows the streamers to your viewers to interact by listing a number of services that you can perform to a certain price in your service catalog. The Smart Contracts to make sure that the transactions are secure and allow the audience to be sure that your donation reaches the address of the Streamer.

Collaboration with existing Streaming platforms

Why should people from existing platforms to switch to DeStream?

“DeStream is not involved in the actual Streaming part,” said Igityan clear. “Instead, we want to integrate our services into existing Streaming platforms, and the donation mechanism, simplify.”

Furthermore, it is clear that DeStream is doing a phenomenal Job by developing partnerships with some of the biggest Streaming platforms. Recently, they have completed, for example, a contract with and have managed even that the head of the Twitch-Department of Asia of accession as a consultant to your Team.

Tachat Igityan briefly presented

To the question, what was his Motivation behind the creation of DeStream, must Igityan smile:

“As a serial entrepreneur, I was always been interested in, to start companies and to lead, particularly those that deal with cutting-edge technology. I remember to start my first company at the early age of 16 and since then I have led a number of companies and start-UPS.“

“DeStream will revolutionize the Streaming industry – an industry in which every year more than 800 million donation to be made. This is an incredible business opportunity, and I believe that DeStream will be a very successful 5 – to 10-year project at the international level.“

For more information about the DeStream Community here:

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