Daughter of Johnny Hallyday wants to matter of inheritance amicably arrange

Laura Smet, the oldest daughter of Johnny Hallyday, wants to work with the other members of the family to agree on the estate of the deceased French-Belgian rocker. The intention is to “before 15 June”, the day on which Johnny Hallyday 75 years would become his, to effect a settlement, as has her lawyer on Monday communicated.

Currently, for the French court, a conflict fought around the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, who in the civil registry known as Jean-Philippe Smet. Hallyday had on 3 april 2014, a testament was drawn up in which he all his possessions and rights if artist fails to his last wife, Laeticia, and their two adopted daughters, Jade and Joy. The two oldest children, David Hallyday (51) and Laura Smet (34), the court stepped in because the last will and testament, according to them, contrary to the French law.

In an interview with RTL radio gives Emmanuel Ravanas, the lawyer of Laura Smet, that he hopes to address the issue yet in concert to regulate. “I hope that we at June 15, a balanced solution can be found with respect for everyone’s rights.” The lawyer of Laeticia leave in a comment already know “is not de facto against” an attempt at reconciliation. “But we have no letter was received and Laeticia has no message received from Laura or David,” says Ardavan Amir-Aslani. Friday had a court in Nanterre to decide the legacy of the rock star to freeze and his rights as an artist under the sequester.

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