Damiano Fiore in tv program after bet

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Cool news in The local Newspaper Monday: Damiano Fiore did 20 years ago on Blind Date. Yes, the single from Blind, Married musical 20 years ago, even though his chances in the popular tv-programme of Ingeborg. It seems that Damiano Fiore on the word blind is because after Blind Date he did this year, the Blind Married. Just like a Blind Married, also ran that adventure a fiasco. In The flemish newspaper het Nieuwsblad tells Damiano that his participation had almost forgotten. “My participation in Blind Date was the result of a bet among friends, young and brash,” says Damiano in the newspaper. Damiano went on a date and on a journey, but it was nothing. So recognizable because Wendy had the past few months, the same experience. And yet, it was his participation in Blind Married is not the result of one or another bet. “ Blind Married I took part because I really believed in the scientific idea: people match on the basis of objective criteria,” says Damiano Monday in the newspaper. The spark between him and Wendy struck is unfortunately not over, and the two decided to divorce. That procedure was last week set in motion. Wendy and Damiano remain friends. For how long? That is, the future will show.

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