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Coinbase is seeking SEC-registration, preparation for new crypto-currencies?

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Insiders want to have to learn that Coinbase is seeking registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a licensed Broker and digital commercial space. With the license, Coinbase might be preparing an Expansion, and in particular the new Kryprowährungen.

As CNBC reported, citing anonymous sources, has met Coinbase in recent weeks, with representatives of the SEC, the registration discuss as a licensed Broker and electronic trading space. Coinbase itself, however, rejected a confirmation of the rumor to CNBC.

The stock market has recognized according to Michael Graham, Senior Equity Analyst at Canaccord Genuity, that private investors have increasingly been shifting to other exchanges, which offer a larger number of crypto-currencies. This market wool to recapture Coinbase now.

Within the crypto industry, Coinbase is considered to be the stock market, which is considered to be in conformity with the law. In this respect, it is not surprising that Coinbase does not seek first of all a vote and registration with the SEC, in order not to endanger the compliance with the law.

The Broker license could allow Coinbase, more crypto-currency to offer, even those that are classified as “Secutrity” (the securities) by the SEC. Among other things, had become in the last week, the presumption according to that Ripple could be classified as securities by the SEC and, therefore, not from Coinbase.

In General, a burst is in the past few weeks – and the spirit of Expansion in the case of Coinbase. Already in mid-February, the company “Coinbase Commerce”, a platform founded similar to BitPay to enable merchants to accept payments in crypto-currencies.

In mid-March, Coinbase has applied for an E-Money license from the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The license has used Coinbase directly to the financial firm Barclays access to the UK’s “Faster-Payments-program”.

At the end of March Coinbase said that it wants to support the technical implementation of Ethereums ERC-20, ERC-20 Token offer. In addition, the stock exchange had announced to support the future Hard Forks of Bitcoin and guarantee the payment of this.

Not least, the company announced on Thursday the launch of the “Coinbase Ventures”, a Fund for crypto-Startups. The Fund is to promote young, promising Blockchain Startups and capital.

Even if Coinbase always stressed that there is currently no crypto-currencies for exchange are to be added, it seems to currently only be a matter of time until new currencies will follow.

In particular, it could but have the expected license application with the SEC for far-reaching consequences for the entire crypto market. So some of the legal, currently unresolved problems could currencies in terms of Crypto, specifically, the classification will be clarified as the securities.

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