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Coinbase buys Ethereum Wallet Startup Cipher-Browser

Coinbase is not only one of the most popular exchanges in the world, but since the beginning of the business activity, always innovative and forward-thinking. Recently, the company has announced that it has bought the Startup Cipher Browser.

On Friday, the company announced via Twitter that Coinbase has acquired the mobile Ethereum Browser and Wallet “Cipher Browser”.

The Cipher Browser is a remote mobile Browser, the also has a mobile Ethereum Wallet. Coinbase also operates a decentralized mobile Browser, the Toshi last year has presented. Users can take advantage of Toshi as a Wallet for Ethereum as well as secure messages.

Coinbase wants to in the future combine the team of Toshi and the Cipher-Browser, the development of faster and more efficient. Peter Kim, founder of Cipher suites the Browser is the new technical Director at Toshi as a result of further partnership. The exact terms of the cooperation are, up to now, but it’s a secret.

The Vice-President for communications of Coinbase stated that your company is always on the lookout for the best Teams and technologies in the crypto sector (freely translated):

We have similar visions and are pleased that we have found Pete a further driving force, the drive together with our product Manager, Sid Coelhu-Prabhu, the project is progressing. IN the next few weeks, other Features of the Cipher can be integrated into Toshi.

The Testnet is one of the first functions to be introduced after the successful completion of the merger.

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