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Christmas surprise – Blockchain master studies course at the University of Mittweida

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In today’s post once not only to crypto-currencies and their values or value development. For today’s Christmas eve, one little wish.

From the looks of it, is to map the Blockchain technology in addition to Cloud, Artificial intelligence or Big Data with the Internet of Things (IoT) is an essential backbone of the future digitization of our lives. The Blockchain technology includes the ability for bi-directional values-Transfer, comprehensive Möglkich for identity management, is based on a democratically usable Consensus mechanisms, trust, secure encrypted communication, has built-in Voting mechanisms, and allows it, such as in the case of Ethereum, or NEO, complex sequences of actions in a rule-based in so-called Smart Contracts easy to implement programmable. Add to that the absolute decentralization, which protects against failure.

Many companies, Public institutions and, above all, more and more cooperatives (Cooperatives have more than 800 million members) begin desperately searching for professionals, in order to test the Blockchain-technology in the company to understand the administrations, and to establish in the IT systems. Thus, this technology will change the business models of companies, the state, the financial economy, the real economy and the nature of our life together in the Gessel shaft in so far, nei-seen-before way solid. All sides want to find people with the necessary Know-how.

To this request, and here the circle of the Holy night, there is a very special gift from Saxony to the University of Mittweida.

Shortly before Christmas, the Senate of the University confirmed that it is from the winter semester of 2018 is possible, a master’s degree in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger . Unique to the University of Mittweida is the interdisciplinary approach. In addition to technology in the training of legal and Governance issues, as well as a variety of application topics, such as supply chain Management. The programme is bilingual German/English and consists of 4 semesters. In addition to the compulsory basic subjects for all of the (mathematical basics and the four modules Blockchain 1-4) there are two qualification lines.

  1. Blockchain Technical Aspects
  2. Blockchain Non-Technical Aspects

In 3. Semester is a compulsory internship of 20 weeks in a company or at the BCCM (Blockchain Competence Center) of the University. In the 4 Semester of the master’s project also includes 20 weeks.

As an employee of T-Systems MMS, a company that is one of the founding sponsors of the Blockchain Comptence Center of Mittweida in the Mittweida University of applied Sciences, I am of the interdisciplinary approach of the master’s course and the high professional qualifications of the high school staff is convinced.

The wishes you all a merry Christmas, as well as the University of Mittweida, and especially Prof. Andreas Ittner a lot of success in the establishment of the Master study programme Blockchain & Distributed Ledger.

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