Celebrating PSV started with a tour on flat cart by Eindhoven

The ceremony of PSV to win the national championship is Monday, started with the traditional tour on the flat cart through the streets of Eindhoven.

The flat cart went from 17.00 to start at the Philips Stadium. The selection of PSV goes through the Mathildelaan and the Vestdijk towards the town hall square, a route of nearly three miles.

At 18.45 hours the arrival of the Eindhovezij naren on the town hall square expected. There they will make the championship celebrate with thousands of supporters.

The team of coach Phillip Cocu was Sunday afternoon for the 24th time in club history champion in the top match against Ajax a resounding 3-0 thuiszege to books.

For PSV it is already the tenth title in this century and the third under the leadership of Cocu. The last time the Locals the scale is sworn in in 2016.

The ceremony coincides with the birthday of Frits Philips. The five-year-old son of Philips founder Anton Philips, undertaken in 1911, the kick-off in the first match of the Philips Team, the predecessor of the current PSV. In 2005, died Frits Philips 100-year-old age.

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