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CEDEX promotes the removal of barriers to trade in the diamond trade

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CEDEX offers Amateurs a rare opportunity, as a private person on the lucrative diamond trade. The company stresses the importance of diamonds as an investment of capital, and offers a lack of opportunities in the trading of diamonds on the financial market. This unique approach allows traders to invest in diamonds, or to act as real assets. At the same time, you have the added Benefit of security and transparency through the Blockchain technology.

The diamond industry is regarded for centuries as a mystery. Apart from a few professionals, was able to determine to date, no one the real value of the stones. This means that transactions have to pay the actual market value of the stone to reflect and outsiders in the end due to a lack of transparency at an overpriced price. Here, CEDEX, using a four-step approach, to eliminate these trade barriers and to provide investors with the possibility of the diamond trade as a layman to participate actively.


The lack of consistency and transparency in the valuation of diamonds is a major reason why these precious stones were, as yet, not as the asset traded. The DEX is a valuation and classification algorithm, can achieve with the dealer the true value of the individual gems in Relation to the prevailing market interest rates. The DEX algorithm provides traders with exactly the same lack of transparency and standardization, you need to be able to trade effectively operate.

It uses a combination of Gemological information, knowledge of the global diamond trade, and data of financial indexes to individual items to assign specific price. This so-called Machine–Based Learning System enables traders to investment decisions Is to be based data, a possibility that the date was not.

The Tokenization of diamonds

A further challenge for diamond owner to the complexity of the liquidation of their holdings. CEDEX offers a tokenization model, with the help of this process through a smart function is significantly simplified. So the Treaty and Acquis can be, independently, a financial offer in the contract.

An application is executed, the eligible diamonds for the evaluation and validation incl. a GIA certificate will result in a trading administrator. The diamonds received approval for a Smart Contract is created and in the digital wallet of the owner to transfer, whereupon the owner can on the stock market platform lists, or the stocks can sell using a P2P approach.

The diamond trade – and exchange-platform

Lack of expertise is a further obstacle for the diamond trade is, as laymen, have to rely on the use of third parties in the Form of experts. The publication of the Smart Contracts on the public Blockchain registers allows all users of the platform with ease on trading. So On and selling on the platform or on P2P Basis, and generates a free trade on a professional level for anyone who is Interested – without a mandatory use of diamond experts.

The System uses the Blockchain technology for both the tokenization process, as well as for trading on the exchange platform CEDEX. The DEX rating of all the diamonds within the CEDEX system in categories, and allows traders to evaluate the optimal investment. To ensure reliability, and warranty protection to be accepted within the CEDEX system only diamonds with a GIA certificate from the Gemological Institute of America.

This provides an easy-to-understand Listing of the trade goods for professionals and Newcomers. The available data allow, the investment potential of possible options against the DEX recommendation to assess. The platform allows quick and efficient Action, and eliminates the need of third parties, which are a further cost factor. In addition, insurance and transport cost for the gems, as these are traded within the CEDEX-network.

The CEDEX-Coin

The CEDEX-Coin is an ERC-20-Token, runs on the Ethereum block Chain and as the only valid trade unit within the trade system is a key component of the platform. All payments, purchases and bookings are carried out with this Coin. With increasing trade, an increase in the demand for the Coin and increase the value is to be Expect this to.

A quick deployment concept

The CEDEX System always tries to avoid the search of new techniques, if these are already in place and is eager to existing solutions in the System. For example, may be the verification of identity, led in the System of Civic and Verify is used to provide a comprehensive and secure identity confirmation, guarantee. This smart function is based on the Ethereum network, while the Algorithms based on the Proof-of-Stake System of Qtum.

The current value of the diamond stock exchange is currently estimated at 60 billion US dollars, with an annual trade value of US $ 20 billion. In contrast, these purchases amounted to the value of the investment is only about 5 % of the 20 billion US dollars, which is largely allocated to the above described market constraints. CEDEX provides an innovative way to eliminate these limitations and, thus, a promising opportunity for investors around the globe.

The CEDEX-Coin Pre-Sale

Investors participating in the upcoming Token Pre-Sale, will be offered an outstanding opportunity to capitalize on the acquisition of the CEDEX-Coins prior to the commencement of the decentralised trade in the third quarter. All participants who acquire the first 10 % of the available tokens, will receive a Bonus of 30 %. For another 40% of buyers receive a Bonus of 15 %.

The minimum contribution for the Token-presale is 1 ETH. The following General terms and no minimum contribution. For more information concerning the research of CEDEX-project, can be found in the White Paper or on the website. Soon a so-called Light Paper will be available for all with limited time quota. Active in the CEDEX-Community you can join on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.

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