Brenet see bed not: ‘Have people settled’

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Champion with a capital K. the PSV has the 24th national championship in the clubhistorie in a genuinely historic final match. The three joy-explosions after the goals against a direct competitor Ajax (3-0) were just a harbinger of an English folk festival.

Joshua Brenet (r.) is very happy with the kampioensschaal.

Everything came during the three critical hits in the swirling Philips Stadium with the players at PSV. The dramatic beginning of the season, the criticism on the game, but with still three matches to play, the Locals ’just’ been champion of the Netherlands. And so attracted the this season’s best and most consistent team of the Premier league is rightly a long nose to everything and everyone.

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“Ultimately, we are here with that scale. And no one else”, wonder goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet, one of the main forces in the kampioenselftal of trainer Phillip Cocu. “In football counts, but a thing. And that is to win. That we have also against Ajax.”

“I actually had from minute one all the sense, this cannot be more wrong,” laughed Steven Bergwijn, the maker of the 3-0. “When I get off the bus, came to the stadium, it went completely loose. That gives you, the player, of course, an additional incentive. Who says that Ajax have better players? If that were so, they were still champion, right? We really have as a team. There was always someone else on.”

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“Against Ajax to be champion. It has so must be his” radiant Jorrit Hendrix, who was complemented by the maker of the 2-0: Luuk de Jong. “We have almost always found a way to win a race. Never give on. Of course, there are a few tricky matches, in the league, but all in all we are very stable.”

“Also, I’m always in this team to continue to believe. And in myself”, well-known Joshua Brenet, the man who is so much criticism of got at the beginning of the season and are starting a moment was lost. Also the rechtsbenige full-rebounded this season, handsome, with as award the assist to the 2-0 in the championship swim meet. “I’ve just dealt with people who are always bad want to talk. How late I go to bed now? I’m going to my bed not to see, hear.”

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